Sunday, July 11, 2010


One of my favorite things about Easter is the traditions that we have as a family. I wasn't aware until a few years ago that not every family dyes Easter eggs, in fact, some never do! I can't remember a year that we haven't boiled eggs and then created beautiful masterpieces! The Easter bunny also seems to find us every year, filling our baskets with all kinds of sweets and treats. Another tradition that we have is the Lunt egg hunt. My parents started this many years ago and it has remained a favorite. They hide hard boiled eggs, candy eggs, money eggs, and prize eggs. We even have an adult hunt for money eggs. That one gets a little crazy! My favorite thing about this Easter though, was sitting down and watching General Conference as a family. I wish it fell on Easter Sunday every year!

Brenlyn, Easton, and Gunner

Briggs, Crew, and Emmie

All of the kids getting ready to go hunt eggs!

This was Steele's first year to understand that he was looking for little round balls to put into a basket mommy gave him to hold. After he realized some were filled with candy he abandoned the hunt, sat in the grass, and started devouring!

Everyone waiting for their number to be called to see what prize they hunted

Mom and Dad giving out prizes (I think they had about 55 this year!) Way to go!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MARCH: Spring Break!

Ok, so Joe had a medical conference that was scheduled for March. When he booked it he didn't realize it fell smack in the middle of the kids spring break. Being the thinker that I am, I decided that we could make a family trip out of it, so the kids and I met him there for the last couple days of the conference. I know, I know, it sounded good at the time....Las Vegas, Spring Break, cool hotels, plenty to do and see....quality family time right? Well, I sorely underestimated the crap that fills Las Vegas. We spent plenty of time shielding eyes from billboards passing by or saying "don't look at the ground!" My kids even asked, " Why in the world would you take us here?" The only thing we could do was use it as a learning experience and take the opportunity to teach them about the things that the world offers and the difference between us and the world. Overall, we did make it a great trip. We saw many cool things and made happy memories....and hopefully we even strengthened our testimonies a bit! I'm so thankful to be different than the world!

The newest Jedi knights!

Inside the Venetian...COOL!

We visited the temple while Joe was in meetings

The kids loved walking across the Hoover Dam

M & M's Store

The Luxor hotel

Trying to talk him into giving me some of his pirate treasure!

MARCH: Joe turns 40!!!!

The day after Colten turned 16 Joe turned 40! 40....I remember when both of my parents were 40 and I thought they were old...well, oldeerrrr. Now that Joe's there and I'm just around the corner I realize it's not old at all! (Remember that kids!) Anyway, we didn't do anything too exciting for his birthday (we were hoping to be in Hawaii), but we did decorate the house with black streamers, balloons, and signs and had a special dinner. Happy Birthday, Babe! I love you so much and I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father blessed my life with you! I look forward to all the wonderful years ahead of us!

40 candles.....smoke alarms beware

MARCH: Happy 16th Birthday, Colten!

I seriously can't believe that my firstborn is 16! Am I really old enough to have a driving, dating, high school going child? It happens almost overnight....birth, baptism, dating and then a mission! I remind him daily that his mission is just around the corner. He reminds me that he still has two whole years of high school and one of college before that can happen. I say, good! Keep having fun and doing what's right! Happy Birthday, Colt!

Fancy cake I made huh?

Two pies for two fruitcakes!

He chose Cheesecake Factory for his birthday dinner! I'm not sure why Crew got to come when everyone else had to stay home

FEBRUARY: Happy 13th Birthday, TY!

Ty turned 13 on Feruary 12 and is now officially a teenager-although, he's been taking on the characteristics and attitudes of one for some time now! :) He is excited about life and what lies ahead for him and so are we! Happy Birthday, Ty! We love you soooo much!


JANUARY: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

For New Years we rented a house in Munds Park with our good friends, the Wrights. We played in the snow, tubed, watched movies, played games and ate lots of yummy food. Jill is one of the best cooks I know so anything she makes I eat! What a great way to start a new year!


Recently I've been eating my words in regards to my sweet baby Steele (maybe that's why I can't seem to lose any pounds!) I have a good friend who has pretty intense kids. We used to go places together and her little ones would crawl out of the cart, cry if they were buckled into a stroller, get into things and just overall be high maintenance. At the time Crew was my baby and he was an angel. I could take him anywhere. I had just never had a child like hers and didn't "get" it.....that is, until Steele came along! Boy, do I get it now! This sweet caboose of ours is into everything! He CLIMBS, UNLOCKS, ESCAPES, UNDOES, GETS INTO, MESSES UP, POURS OUT, UNLOADS, DESTROYS, UNWRAPS, and DUMPS OVER everything and anything he can get his hands on! I seriously can't believe it. I would need 5 of me to keep up with him and his busy-ness (did I make that word up too?) Thank goodness the other kids are all old enough to help out and it helps that he's so dang cute! P.S. My friends' kids are now older and she is loving this! :)

Climbed up on the island and unpeeled 7 bananas-notice how many more he didn't get to!


Steele and Kinlee eating otter pops